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OpenCrowd at Capital One Labs's Local Hack Day

The OpenCrowd team joined their neighbors over at Capital One Labs to participate in their Local Hack Day to launch the opening of their Labs in NYC, and to promote innovation to support local businesses.

With that theme in mind, and presented with some cool toys to play with (like the Google Glass, Google Chromecast, and Pebble Smartwatch, along with the Capital One APIs), the OpenCrowd team, consisting of Brad Buck, Prashanth Padmanabh, Ray Ramjiawan, Amir Doleh, and Il Sun Yoo, set out on an ambitious plan to leverage their technical and creative talents for the sake of helping small businesses drive more repeat business by automating Foursquare check-ins based on credit card transactions.

Efficient, scalable, fault tolerant architecture is always at the forefront of everything OpenCrowd does, and to that end, we leveraged the big data framework Storm to interact with Capital One’s transaction APIs. From there, our rapid prototyping abilities were fully utilized to set up a web services layer using Django that interacted with both the Foursquare and newly released Pebble APIs.

At the end of the day, we were happy to have a fully baked solution that would automatically prompt customers to check-in to a local business on Foursquare using their Pebble Smartwatch or smartphone when their Capital One card transaction occurred. We had a lot of fun interacting with the team over at Capital One Labs, all the while demonstrating OpenCrowd’s technical chops over the course of one hack day.