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OpenCrowd at Capital One Labs's Local Hack Day

The OpenCrowd team joined their neighbors over at Capital One Labs to participate in their Local Hack Day to launch the opening of their Labs in NYC, and to promote innovation to support local businesses. (Read more...)

Elasticsearch & Django Tutorial -- V is for View

As we've already mentioned, here at OpenCrowd, we use Elasticsearch to provide search on top of our application development. The previous article in this series covered the "models" used in a simple blogging engine. This article will cover the "views". (Read more...)

Elasticsearch & Django Tutorial -- Template Tags And You

In the first two parts of this series, we created the scaffolding of a simple blog engine. The first part covered the "models" used, allowing us to store and retrieve data from Elasticsearch. The second part covered the "views" which determine /what/ gets rendered for a specified URL. (Read more...)

Elasticsearch & Django Tutorial

Search is now an integral part of almost all applications that we build. Every thing from a blog to a social media app to a business intelligence dashboard requires search capability. Beyond searching for specific information end users expect search to be quick, in real time and be able to provide deeper insight in to their data set. Adding to the complexity is the exponential growth of web content. Hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured content is becoming a norm. (Read more...)