Collateral Management

A top tier international investment bank needed to create a next generation collateral management platform that would improve its offering and services for customers, reduce their risk, and be more adaptable to changes in the collateral space. They recognized that a well designed user experience would improve productivity, reduce errors, and be amenable to restructuring workflows over time. They approached OpenCrowd to design and build the application such that it would address the needs of users across multiple asset classes. Using our deep knowledge of RIA technologies, the new user interface allowed users to quickly access a variety of data sets to take action and resolve issues. The interface’s workflow model for this very large, complex application was designed to be highly flexible so that can be used with several different models as the work structure evolved. As a result of this application the traders can now access integrated data views across previously siloed data sets and functions and the firm’s design standards have been extended for front-office applications as well as for middle and back office applications.