OpenCrowd’s framework is assembled using Django - Python based web framework, third party products and OpenCrowd’s proprietary code base. Our software framework enables quick assembly of a wide variety of Web applications. OpenCrowd framework is purpose-built for custom web applications and it includes a rich set of features like interactive data analysis, collaboration, real time search, video and more. Our software framework has enabled a wide range of applications ranging from content sites, portals, online communities to complex big data business dashboards.

We assembled this platform to enable five key capabilities for our client: Analytics, Visualization, Smart Search, Collaboration and Native mobile access. By assembling a set of best of breed open source and third party commerical products we are able to offer our clients very cutting edge capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Our technology stack includes ElasticSearch, Django web framework, Highcharts, Appcelerator Titanium, Celery, Wowza 


The framework provides an extended set of prefabricated plug-ins for developers to quickly configure, customize and assemble custom applications for their enterprise. These plug-ins provide features like Rich User Experience, Interactive Data Analysis, Collaboration and Administration.


OpenCrowd’s framework is built on top of Django, the Python web framework. We have leveraged the pluggable app architecture of Django to provide enhanced functionality including visualization, collaboration, video, chat, on demand OLAP as well as other features to enable the quick assembly of collaboration-centric applications.

Django, as a framework, provides an excellent base for developing web applications by providing the basic software building blocks (encapsulating the plumbing needs of every application). Django provides, amongst other features, an object-relational mapper for dynamic database access, a rich template language for presentation and integrated caching to achieve fast performance.

  • What language do I write my custom code in?

    The core platform has been written in Python, leveraging the Django framework. You can extend the framework components and add custom code in Python.

  • What databases does OpenCrowd's framework integrate with?

    Out-of-the-box the framework can access MySql, Oracle, SQLite & Postgress RDMS.

  • What application server do I need to deploy applications built using OpenCrowd's framework?

    All you need is apache, mod wsgi and Python to run the framework in a production environment.

  • How scalable are applications built using OpenCrowd's framework?

    The environment has been proven to scale horizontally and vertically using commodity hardware.

  • What security is built into the system for user authentication, data encryption and entitlements?

    The framework has all the required modules for encryption, hashing and other industry best practices to enable a secure environment.

  • What integration options are enabled to access external systems in my enterprise?

    The framework supports various options like REST, Web services and message based integration.

  • Can the application be deployed on the Cloud?

    Yes, applications built using OpenCrowd's framework can be deployed using a cloud environment or hosted internally in a enterprise. OpenCrowd has deployed several applications in both environments. Currently, we are in the process of offering the framework as a PaaS.