IdeaShare enables soliciting and harvesting of ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services. It represents a new breed of applications that harness the collective opinions of the crowd. IdeaShare empowers users to submit, comment and rank ideas. It can be targeted both internally to co-workers and externally to customers.

IdeaShare lets you set up a community in less than 30 mins. The setup wizard takes you through the steps of customizing your site's look and feel, setting up your idea categories and finally inviting users to contribute.

IdeaShare offers significant customization and management features to administer the application. These features range from configuring different registration methods to creating custom idea categories, idea statuses and managing and monitoring the site usage. IdeaShare is built on an open platform developed by OpenCrowd. Using this platform developers can extend the application further or if needed integrate with other enterprise applications. IdeaShare is available on Amazon's EC2 and can also be deployed on premise.