Announcing DragonGlass 2.0 - Search & Analytics platform across Blockchain Networks & Enterprise data

The new release of DragonGlass will provide the enhanced capability to instantly search & analyze data across multiple Blockchains or distributed ledgers like Ethereum, Swirlds & EOS. As enterprise build Blockchain based solutions, there is a real need to access information across blockchains and integrate with enterprise data.

DragonGlass - A platform for developers to build search enabled applications

DragonGlass is an enterprise search platform that provides developers all the capabilities they need to quickly get to structured and unstructured content. With this platform they can focus on building new blazing fast search applications or search enabling existing applications.

360 View Dashboard

360 View Dashboard is OpenCrowd’s approach for designing and developing the next generation dashboard. In this webinar we emphasize 5 key capabilities we believe are required for dashboard applications: Visualization, Analytics, Collaboration, Smart Search, and Mobile.

Implementing Entitlements with ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine bringing to Enterprises the kind of search power we have grown accustomed to as users on the internet. However, the issue of what information should be seen by individuals in the enterprise requires careful thought and some implementation experience. This tutorial addresses the issue and provides a concrete example along with the code used to implement the use case. Get the code here.

Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with Ext-JS

We were very excited to present a webinar on Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with Ext-JS. We look forward to doing more webinars in the future. Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with ExtJS from Sencha on Vimeo.

IdeaShare - Idea Management Software application that enables users to solicit and harvest ideas

IdeaShare is a social networking application that enables users to solicit and harvest ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services. It can be embedded within an existing website for internal or external users and is available for free. Click here to view the site and download the app.

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