Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain Event

OpenCrowd's CEO Sushil Prabhu speaks at the Mstate Enteprise Blockchain Event. You can find the deck here.

Global Blockchain Hackathon (EOS + IOT)

SOHO, NY - Published on July 14, 2018

OpenCrowd fielded a team of their own hackers in the Global Blockchain Hackathon held in Soho on July 14th. There was no specific theme besides utilization of Blockchain, but the team had a few ideas at the start of the hack. They wanted to test a use case that would require fast transaction times and high throughout. They also wanted to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) because they felt like that’s an under-represented segment of blockchain.  The team created a protocol level IoT device that creates and publishes content, and utilized that device to illustrate an approach to mondernize supply chains.

For hardware, the OpenCrowd team was equipped with an Onion Omega 2+ ($9), a Power Dock ($15), a webcam with microphone ($18), a battery ($12), and a small toolkit to solder and fasten necessary components. The team invented The Block Box, the first of its kind, battery operated, computer vision, self-sovereign crypto hardware wallet that fits in the palm of your hand. It is censorship-resistant, tamper proof, and features military-grade encryption. 

The Block Box creates content from its environment, including video, audio, images, and environmental data. It regularly uploads this content to the decentralized Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and publishes an access key to the EOS Blockchain. Subscribers to that device’s stream are notified of new content, and to be granted access, pay using the Block Box Token (BBT) to the device. The Block Box features a 1” OLED screen that displays the device’s BBT balance in real time.

The team selected EOS for the Blockchain layer. EOS launched in June with some anticipation. It is a DPoS Blockchain that features very high throughput (two blocks per second) and a full-featured operating system for smart contracts written in C++. For the hackathon, the application ran flawlessly on the global Jungle EOS testnet.

The team also developed a mobile-friendly web application and services platform using React.js, Nodejs, and Express. The entire platform was hosted in the cloud, using AWS, GitHub hosting, and Heroku for the various components. The web application features a supply chain use case for canned goods manufactured in Austin, Texas. The item was first scanned as it was manufactured, and the manufactured date, GPS coordinates, and serial number was recorded on the Blockchain. Later, when the shipment arrived in New York, the item was scanned and another record containing the new GPS location was recorded to the Blockchain. Using computer vision, IoT capabilities, and best of breed Blockchains is an effective way to modernize supply chains.

The OpenCrowd team was proud to win the Excellence Award for their Block Box invention and pragmatic supply chain solution.

Blockchain - Building the next internet

Business Today - Published on Feb 6, 2018
Sushil Prabhu, CEO, OpenCrowd, talks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the need to regulate the latter in an interview with editor Rajeev Dubey.

Announcing DragonGlass 2.0 - Search & Analytics platform across Blockchain Networks & Enterprise data

The new release of DragonGlass will provide the enhanced capability to instantly search & analyze data across multiple Blockchains or distributed ledgers like Ethereum, Swirlds & EOS. As enterprise build Blockchain based solutions, there is a real need to access information across blockchains and integrate with enterprise data.

DragonGlass - A platform for developers to build search enabled applications

DragonGlass is an enterprise search platform that provides developers all the capabilities they need to quickly get to structured and unstructured content. With this platform they can focus on building new blazing fast search applications or search enabling existing applications.

360 View Dashboard

360 View Dashboard is OpenCrowd’s approach for designing and developing the next generation dashboard. In this webinar we emphasize 5 key capabilities we believe are required for dashboard applications: Visualization, Analytics, Collaboration, Smart Search, and Mobile.

Implementing Entitlements with ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine bringing to Enterprises the kind of search power we have grown accustomed to as users on the internet. However, the issue of what information should be seen by individuals in the enterprise requires careful thought and some implementation experience. This tutorial addresses the issue and provides a concrete example along with the code used to implement the use case. Get the code here.

Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with Ext-JS

We were very excited to present a webinar on Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with Ext-JS. We look forward to doing more webinars in the future. Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with ExtJS from Sencha on Vimeo.

IdeaShare - Idea Management Software application that enables users to solicit and harvest ideas

IdeaShare is a social networking application that enables users to solicit and harvest ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services. It can be embedded within an existing website for internal or external users and is available for free. Click here to view the site and download the app.

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