OpenCrowd at Synchronize 2019 - DLT & Crypto for Financial Institutions

Synchronize Distributed Ledger Technology Conference


We are extremely excited to announce that our CEO, Sushil Prabhu, will be speaking at Information Management Network's Synchronize 2019 Conference in New York City on April 17, 2019.  The conference will focus on the applications of Distributed Ledger Technology, blockchain, and smart contracts within the financial services industry.  We are honored to be included among other blockchain industry leaders participating in the Payments Spotlight Session panel.  For more information on the conference, including schedules, keynote speakers, and ticket purchases, please check the Information Management Network site.

From IMN: "Delegates at Synchronize 2019 will learn the most effective ways to evaluate and deploy DLT for their business, how it fits into the existing market structure and what the business requirements of the technology actually are; challenges that have been overcome, from roles and governance, scalability and confidentiality, to interoperability and integration; and how it fits in within larger technology trends, such as cloud, machine learning, and focus on enabling developer productivity."


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