We believe the powerful mix of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Machine Learning, and Real-time analytics will fuel the next set of innovation. Since our inception in 2005 we have leveraged some of the most leading-edge technologies to help hundreds of clients ideate, build, and launch new products.

To help our clients crystallize new ideas and launch new products, we offer the following services:

OpenCrowd Technology Milestones


Hedera Hashgraph Solutions

OpenCrowd and Hedera have been development partners since 2017 extending the features of Hedera Hashgraph.

Smart Contract
File Service

OpenCrowd DApp Framework

Cyrpto Software & Hardware Wallet
Interledger Access Framework

Lack of transaction speed and throughput has always been the major hurdle in mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies, until now. Fairness, Security, and Speed are some of the most prominent features of the Hedera network removing key hurdles for enterprise usage.

Track & Trace, Digital Identity, Instant Payments, Trade Settlement, and IOT Alerts are just a sample of the wide range of high-performance distributed applications that are perfectly suited for this platform. Let us help you develop and launch your dApp on Hedera.

Our approach to ideation, solid expertise in the Hedera network, and pre-built Hedera building blocks guarantee innovation and build in 90 days, alongside unmatched Hedera Hashgraph consulting services.


Sample Applications Highlighting a Few Decentralized Concepts on the Hedera Network


Digital Securities Solutions

Security tokens are an emerging form of digital securities where the ownership of equity, debt, real estate, and many other instruments including fractionalize ownerships can be managed by smart contracts in an immutable blockchain store.

OpenCrowd is a premier development partner of Securrency, with extensive experience in developing and launching core STO platform functionality for Security Tokens Issuance on multiple distributed ledgers and ID/ Credential Management - KYC/ AML/ KYW, as well as Integration with Exchanges, Custodians, and Payment Networks.

Securrency is a global financial services technology company that enables secure, compliant, and convenient issuance and trading of security tokens.

OpenCrowd offers custom implementation services across the STO lifecycle.


We can assist your Digital Security Offering in the following ways:


OpenCrowd Security Token Offering on Blockchain

 Investment Banks (Broker Dealers)

  • White label Securrency STO Platform, integration of internal systems and workflows
  • Secondary market trading integration with exchanges and custodians via APIs


  • Design Campaign landing pages and portals, implement STO workflows
  • Configure Compliance Aware Token (CAT) smart contracts for Policies and Rights

Third Parties

  • Exchanges: Implement STO Trading Services for Buy/Sell Traders
  • Custodians: Develop Digital Asset Custody Services
  • Payment Networks: Integrate Crypto and Fiat Payment Services


Custom Cross-Chain Solutions

Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt every industry sector in the near future.  Decentralization, the underlying concept behind blockchain platforms, could transform and challenge existing norms. Tokenization of assets, digital identity, micropayments, secure storage of documents, and counterparty settlements are but a few quick examples.

To assist our clients ideate and build custom blockchain solutions, we offer a multi-chain service.

  • Ideation to rethink the current, identify areas to apply emerging technologies, generate new ideas, blockchain consulting
  • Architect a scalable architecture to handle enterprise needs
  • MVP build in 90 days
  • Pilot and iterate

Our multichain experience (Ethereum, EOS, Hedera & Stellar), and frameworks, including our inter ledger access platform DragonGlass, guarantee a successful launch in a record time frame.

Blockchain Integration Expertise


Smart Analytics Applications

We believe that there is a need for smarter applications and not just more applications. As a result, we have developed a wide range of smart applications for our clients leveraging Visualization, Collaboration, Search and a new breed of Analytics technologies. Our custom smart applications typically have the following properties:

  • Visualization & Collaboration providing significant improvement in end user productivity
  • Real time search capabilities enabling discovery across a range of structured and unstructured data replacing the need for multiple data access applications
  • Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing of data providing deeper insights, better analytics, and faster detection of anomalies, thus making the enterprise proactive, strategic and less reactive

Leveraging our strong expertise in ElasticSearch, Apache Storm, and Conversational AI, we have launched platforms like the Global Macro Economic workstation, Collateral Management systems, Credit Risk platforms, Fraud monitoring workstations, and several others for major investment firms.

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