Our Work

We believe the powerful mix of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Machine Learning, and Real-time Analytics will fuel the next set of innovation. Since our inception in 2005 we have leveraged some of the most leading-edge technologies to help hundreds of clients ideate, build, and launch new products.  Our client work falls into two basic categories: Smart Digital Solutions and Distributed Ledger Solutions.



Smart Digital Solutions


Tracking Football is the only scouting service available that gives football teams access to independently verified data on key athletic performance statistics, like track and field data, in an easy-to-use format. Their proprietary scores support and enhance recruiting and evaluation efforts by helping teams identify the best and most athletic prospects for their programs.


Virtual Briefing Center
The virtual briefing center offers comprehensive, in-depth technology briefings, product demonstrations and solution workshops on IBM Systems to their clients. It was designed as a client-centric platform that serves the informational needs of the customer and helps IBM assist and influence their customers through the sales cycle. IBM’s goal was to utilize internet technologies to showcase their subject matter experts, product and solution briefings thereby extending the reach of the briefing center to serve new clients, deepen and strengthen their relationships with their clients and accelerate the sales cycle. OpenCrowd was responsible for the end-to-end deliverable from defining the concept, facilitating consensus around the requirements across a range of stakeholders, designing the user experience, the solution architecture and building and launching the product.


Big Data
Poplicus provides industry-standard benchmarks, best practices research, and sophisticated tools for analyzing the public sector marketplace. They serve a cross section of industries with unparalleled views, insights, and advanced analytics that enable them to make more informed strategic decisions. OpenCrowd has been assisting Poplicus from the very early stages of product definition through building their software infrastructure including dashboards, search and data processing workflows.


Macro Economic Dashboard
The front office trading team at this premier investment-banking firm relies on real-time market events information (key economic indicators) combined with internal proprietary models and analytics to make swift investment decisions. They identified a need to create a cutting edge macroeconomics dashboard that supported sophisticated charting, statistical analysis, a highly interactive experience, and real-time data feeds. Utilizing our deep understanding of financial markets and RIA tools (auto filtering & screening, charting & annotation), we designed an innovative user-friendly interface that brought together all the related information required to make informed decisions into a single easy to use consolidated application. Using both open and commercial source technologies the application provided real-time event processing, a fully customizable front-end, and proprietary data integration which enabled the correlation of numerous, seemingly unrelated, data sets to uncover market opportunity.


Collateral Management
A top tier international investment bank needed to create a next generation collateral management platform that would improve its offering and services for customers, reduce their risk, and be more adaptable to changes in the collateral space. They recognized that a well-designed user experience would improve productivity, reduce errors, and be amenable to restructuring workflows over time. They approached OpenCrowd to design and build the application such that it would address the needs of users across multiple asset classes. Using our deep knowledge of RIA technologies, the new user interface allowed users to quickly access a variety of data sets to take action and resolve issues. The interface’s workflow model for this very large, complex application was designed to be highly flexible so that can be used with several different models as the work structure evolved. As a result of this application, the traders can now access integrated data views across previously siloed data sets and functions and the firm’s design standards have been extended for front-office applications, as well as for middle and back office applications.


Prime Brokerage Application
A premier international investment bank had a 10 year-old, high performance, cross asset class client trading application. More than 15 different asset classes can be traded on their high volume, low latency platform. Over the years as more asset classes have been built on the platform, the user design had become inconsistent. Maintenance had increased as different development groups had copied and modified once common components. The bank recognized the need to begin introducing new advanced features into the interface and begin standardizing on newer toolkits. We worked directly with traders to understand their needs and observe their trading flows within their complex, high paced work environment. We created a new vision for the trading user interface featuring a highly user customizable component framework and interface standards that applied across all asset classes. This led to a more consistent cross product experience and improved the opportunity to promote cross product trading. As a result, traders are able to customize their components and windows to better take advantage of the 6-8 monitors traders typically use. Finally we built the frameworks to support user customization and implemented the new features in one of their highest volume asset classes.




Distributed Ledger Technology Work

Hedera Hashgraph client

The Hedera Hashgraph platform provides a new form of distributed consensus; a way for people who don't know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary. The platform is lightning fast, secure, and fair: unlike some blockchain-based platforms, it doesn’t require compute-heavy proof-of-work. Hedera enables and empowers developers to build an entirely new class of distributed applications that were never before possible.


Engineering a new era of finance, Securrency delivers financial technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities. Securrency makes financial services more secure, transparent, efficient, and accessible by integrating legacy financial services with recent advances in distributed ledger technologies, payment gateways, and security frameworks. Built from the ground up with security and compliance at its core, Securrency enables an efficient market, bringing together investors seeking yield with value creators, such as asset owners, startups or fund managers requiring capital.

Diamond Standard Logo

Diamond Standard is an economic system designed to create and support a physical & digital crypto asset – a fungible diamond commodity, comprised of standardized sets of certified, natural diamonds sealed in a transparent bar. The bar contains a wireless authentication and encryption chip, and a blockchain interface. The Diamond Standard bar is a zero trust commodity, because every aspect can be directly verified, by anyone. When deposited with a custodian, this diamond commodity becomes uniquely digital. The embedded token can asset-back crypto currency transactions, or smart contracts on any platform.

The Crown League Logo

The Crown League is building a decentralized application on the blockchain to aggregate, unify and institutionalize fantasy football into a professional sport, creating a new paradigm in sports entertainment that blurs the line between gaming and investing, fans and owners.  CRL’s structure and operations will be similar to pro sports enterprises with a league collectively owned by its franchises, professional management and a dynasty structure.


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